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Chao Stats
Chao have stats which determine their strengths/weaknesses. Each "primary"
 stat has a different color (this explains the colored boxes around the 
little animalsin the game). In the GCN version, when you pick up your 
Chao, a box shows up in the corner displaying your Chao's stats (nice and
 needed addition). 

Animals that you collect during the game have different colors, or
the stat they excel in. When you go the the Chao Garden with these animals 
and make them play with your Chao (same method as feeding them), your Chao 
will  inherit their physical traits, as well as get a stat-boost from the animal's
excelling color/stat (more about this later).

In the Dreamcast version, chao
can have a maximum of 999 of a stat. In SA2:B, chao may have a max of 3000. 
Also, the labels are slightly different.

Here is a list of the different statistics (DC name/GCN name/definition:

PWR/Power - How powerful your Chao is
SWM/Swimming - How well your Chao can swim
FLY/Flight - How well you Chao is at flying
RUN/Running - How fast and less clumsy your Chao is

--- Seconday Stats ---
STA/Stamina - Effects how long your Chao can last without tiring
LCK - How lucky your Chao is (removed from GCN)
INT - How smart your Chao is. (removed from GCN)