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Chao Racing
Chao Races
Chao races are just that, a group of 8 Chao races on one of several different
courses. To entera chao in the races all you do is head to the neutral Chao
Garden and go through the door behind the waterfall. Once there, select
a race category you wish to try (at first, Beginner Races and Party Races are
the only ones open) and select the Chao you wish to race, and the course to race

Chao Stamina
Your Chao's Stamina will play a big part in the races, as your Chao runs, it's
Stamina will slowly decrease. If your Stamina runs out, your chao will
severely slow down, so keep your eye on the Stamina meter. Also, during the race,
if you press the L/R trigger it will give your Chao a boost of speed, but will
take up a little extra Stamina. A good technique to use to get the most out of a 
boost is to use your boost while it's in it's strong element (ex., Boost a run chao
while it's running, a Swim Chao while it's swimming).

Race Courses
There are 6 different race categories and 10 different tracks altogether. Here's
a quick list of the Race categories and tracks.
Beginner Races
Any Chao can enter, 3 difficulties.
Crap Pool
Emphasis is on Swimming
Stump Valley
Emphasis is on Flying
Black Canyon
Emphasis is on Running
Mushroom Forest
Emphasis is on Strength
Jewel Races
Any Chao can enter, 5 difficulties.
Emphasis is on Flying
Emphasis is on Running
Emphasis is on Swimming
Emphasis is on Strength
Emphasis is on Intellegence and Luck
Emphasis is on all Abilities
 Challenge Races: Any chao can enter. 3 rows/4 challenges. Each challenge has a group of unique, 
        challenging Chao to race against. 

Hero Races: Dark tracks, only Hero Chao permitted. 4 challenge races, each race has a group of challenging 
        Dark Chao.  

Dark Races: Hero tracks, only Dark Chao permitted. 4 challenge races, each race has a group of challenging Hero Chao 

Your Chao can also win toys from races. The toy they win depends on the race the Chao wins. Toys run from the 
Beginner and Jewel Races are kept by the Chao that wins them. The Chao will pull them out when it wants to use 
them. A Chao will lose its personal toys when it dies. Toys won from the Challenge, Hero, and Dark races are
 kept in the Garden and can by used by all the Chao in the garden. The Neutral Garden has the Toys from 
Challenge Races, the Hero garden has toys from Hero Races, and vice-versa for the Dark Garden. Here is a 
list of what races give your Chao which  toys:  
Race Track Name
What do I get?
Must win on 3rd Difficulty
Beginner Races
Crab Pool
Trowel (Shovel)
Stump Valley
Water Can
Black Canyon
Race Car
Mushroom Forest
Must win on 5th Difficulty
Jewel Races
How to Plant Seeds book
Sonic Doll
Pogo Stick
Challenge Mode
Complete each row
1st row
Beach Ball
2nd row
Chao-in-the-Box (?)
3rd row
Dark Races
Second Race
Beach Ball
Fourth Race
Boom Box
Hero Races 
Second                                Race Beach Ball 
Fourth                                   Race Rocking