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Chao Faces
When your chao is in the egg, how you treat the egg affects its face and personality. 
Here is the different personalities and faces:

 Happy Face
   Don't touch the eggs, just let them hatch with time

   This one's hard. You must rock the egg with precise time, just enough, but not too
   much. This takes about 12-17 seconds.

    Several ways to get it. Throw the egg (not recommended), pick it up and run around
    the garden while jumping, or shake it and set it down, then shake it again.

Dazed/Confused (On drugs, lol)
   Shake the egg for a VERY long time...Looks like he's been smoking, lol.

Upside Down Evil Grin
    Pick up the egg and jump around for about 2-5 minutes. Then sit it down and pick 
    it up quickly before it hatches, then throw it against something.

Zig-Zag'ed Mouth
   This one seems to happen at random...