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Chao Mating
When an adult chao sits down and flowers begin to bloom around it, you know
 that love is in the air  - It's mating season.

Mating is the key to keeping your chao garden alive, and a very fun and surprising 
aspect of  the game. Each time your chao mate, there is no way to accurately tell 
what the baby chao will turn out as. The baby will be a mix of the parents special 
traits, whether it be physical appearance or ability.

Here is how to let two chao mate:

Step 1: One of your adult chao will start to flower.

Step 2: Carry another adult chao that you would like the flowered chao to mate 
             with. Drop it beside the flowering chao.

Step 3: If the mate is succesful, the two chao will start to nuzzle on eachother and 
             music will play. If this doesn't happen, then the chao you dropped beside 
             it does not want to mate. (Light Chao do not mate)

Step 4: After a while, an egg will pop in between them.

If you follow these steps to mate, you should have almost no trouble in keeping your
gardens plentiful. By the way, after the chao reaches old age, it's sex drive will 
lower and will be less likely of mating. It is best to mate chao at the young adult age.