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Chao Adventure 2

This section only applies to DC, so if you have Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, please view the
Chao Advance section.

CA2 is a mini-game that you play on the Dreamcast's VMU. In order to install the mini-game
onto the VMU, it MUST have at least 128 free blocks of memory and have buttons and a 
LCD screen. To install the game into the VMU all you have to do is take the Chao you want
to have in the game over to the Chao Transportater. Select the VMU you want the game to
be in and it will install the game and put your Chao into it. To take your Chao out, step on
the button and select it and any fruits/seeds you want to take out also.

In the game, your Chao will walk/fly/swim around and go on its little adventure. There are
many adventure scenarios and it would take a loooong time to name all the possibilities. If
you use your best judgement you shouold be able to complete the adventure easily and 
maybe even earn a seed.

The Menu
There are several different menu options, each one does an important function. Here's a
list of menu option and what they do:

Allows you to view your Chao's name, Physical abilities, Luck and Intelligence.

This allows you to feed your Chao a snack that you win at the slots, they make it

Pet your Chao, it will be happier and you'll encourage it to continue walking if it stops.

Selct this to scold your Chao. This may be nessesary sometimes..

This lets you discard or check any fruits or seeds you have collected

Press A to stat the the slots, press it again to stop each section. You could win snacks.

If you link 2 VMUs with CA2 on them, your 2 Chao will meet and mate (if they're adults)

View and edit your personal info in the VMU

View other VMU's data when you're connected to it (or once before have connected to it)

Options - Leads you to more options
  Chao - Chose your Chao's name
  Owner - Edit your personal info
   Sound - Turn sound off/on

Once in a while your Chao will get into a fight with a bully. Notice the 6 circles on the
bottom of the screen, these are your chances to hit the opponent, the black circles are a
miss, and the white circles are a hit. The circles will enlarge in a sequence pattern,
press A when a white circle is enlarged to get a hit. Both Chao can take 3 hits before
they fall. If you lose the battle and have an item, you will lose that item.

Sometimes during its adventure, you Chao might trip and fall, fall asleep, or start drawing
and won't continue its adventure until you help it. All you have to do is pet it or give it a 
snack and it'll continue.