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Chao Kindergarten

A new addition to SA2 and SA2B, the Chao Kindergarden (Which is another very good update). To get there, carry a chao out from the chao garden and to the Kindergarden door.

At the Chao Kindegarden, you can:
Talk to the Chao Professor and learn the basics about raising chao Go to the Chao Doctor and he can examine your chao, tell you how to make your chao better in racing, and type of chao you have, and the strengths of your chao Go to the meat and potatoes of the Kindergarden, the classroom.

In the classroom, you may:

Leave your chao to learn lessons. As your chao learns, he will perform that skill randomly in the garden. The more classes you take, the better your chao will get in that area. You may only leave 4 chao at once, and the same chao can only stay for that skill 3 times, after that, he has mastered the skill.

Skills that may be learned...

Below is a list of the skills that may be learned in the classroom (That we have found so far): 
-Song Bell 
-Spin Dance
-Step Dance 
-Go-Go Dance 
-Shake Dance 
-Swing Dance 
-Drawing -Exercise