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Chao Hatching
Chao life starts with an egg. If you do not know how to hatch an egg, you 
will have no chao!

When you first enter a Chao Garden, there will be 2 unhatched eggs. Walk
to it until the words "pick" are seen in the corner of the screen, pick it up,
gently push the analog stick to rock the egg, and set it CAREFULLY back down.
A chao will soon pop out of it!

Note:There are other ways to hatch chao, as seen in the Chao Faces sections. 
These other ways effect the outcome of the Chao's Face.

After this has been done, the VERY FIRST THING you should ever do is feed
it. Walk over to a nut tree, press the action button and push the analog stick in 
a certain direction. Soon, the coconut/coconuts will fall off the tree. Pick it up
as you would a chao, and take it to one of your chao. It will quickly eat it.

Two more ways to feed it involves the Game Boy Advance, which we'll talk about
in another section.