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All HTML, CGI, other programming code and Images are ©Copyright 2001-2002 Chao World, and may NOT be duplicated or reproduced without the written permission of Chao World execpt for the following reasons. You may NOT use any of the individual information provided by Chao World on other pages without the written consent of Chao World. If you steal this notice, then you must suck.. *COUGH*CHAO ONLINE*COUGH*

You may print the guides written in this site to use personally. You may NOT print these guides in order to make profit from them.

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Chao World does not use your info in any way other than to check statistics of traffic.

Surfing Chao World - Chao World gathers information of your computer into our database (Which almost every site does). This information is only subjected to the following; Your IP# , Visited pages, and your browser. This information is logged to improve the service of you. Your personal browsing habits will not be logged.