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Name: LDonaghe
Questions: This may be a stupid question, but I've been looking all over various websites for it and haven''t
found an answer... How can I get a picture/screen shot/screen capture of my Chao? I know it can be done because so many sites have pictures of them... Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I''ve just lost my favorite Chao today and I wish I could have taken a picture of him because he was SO cool looking. Thanks much!

Well, this is more of a computer hardware question then a chao question, but here's your answer. First, you must have a TV Tuner card for your computer. I use the ATI TV Wonder, which is a very good tuner card, but many different ones are available. Then you must connect the DC to the tuner card and use a program that will act as a TV (show the video) but allow you to take screenshots (and save them). For best results, get a tuner card that has composite (the yellow plug) inputs.

Sorry to here about your lost chao. If you find a copy of him, send him to me and I'll put a picture up.

Name: Light Chao
Questions: My chao just recently evolved into a Dark Running chao..Which and how many
Chaos Drives do I need to give it to make it look like Shadow???
Give it green chao drives to make red stripes, and it will take about 15-30.

Name: winter
Questions: I''ve been trying to get my chao to mate. I've tryed what it says under mating but, nothing works
what makes chao atracted to each other?
Try VMU mating, which is easier then garden mating. If it still doesn't work, get a heart fruit from CA2 and give it to the chao you want to mate.

Name: Jonathan D.
Questions: Well I give my chao run stuff and things like that but he keeps tripping[.] What should I do[?]
P.S. His run is 500
Answer: Your chao is more then likely still a child. Give it more time to grow and your tripping problem should cure.

Name: Serge05
Questions: How do I make my Chao''s second evolution show??It doesn''t seem to work...
Answer: As stated in Chao Evolution Explainations, a second evolution isn't an actual evolution, just a change. If you mean that you can't get the chao to change, then you might not be giving around equal amounts of the different chaos drives/animals.

Name: Chao god
Questions: Under rare recipies, you have instructions for metallic colored chao (red, blue...)
Its not working, what am I doing wrong?
Answer: It might take a few tries to get the right color. If you got the color, but lost it, don't worry (Sooner or later, the color will come back).

Name: Junior
Questions: How can you tell when your chao has reached its third evolution: by turning to an egg or by  
Answer: It will always make an egg, whether it be evolving or reincarnating (or dying).

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