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Seeds & Fruits
What are seeds?
Seeds are items that Chao will sometimes get when you successfully complete
Chao Adventure 2 (DC Version, covered later), or if you purchase them from the
Black Market (GCN, covered later).

How do I plant them?
In order to plant a seed you must give it to a Chao that has won both the Stump
Vally & Crab Pool courses on difficulty level 3 (In the DC Version, you must have the 
watering can to plant seeds. In the GCN version, you do not need the watering can,
just the shovel, but if you don't win the Watering Can, seeds take twice as long to
grow). Hand the seed to the Chao and it'll walk around until it finds a good spot to
plant it.

Note: All fruits from seeds (with the exception of the wonder seed, DC ver.) cause your Chao's stamina to increase. About Seeds Not all Chao like all the fruit from the planted seeds. There are fruit form certain seeds that Hero Chao dislike, and then certain seeds that Dark Chao dislike. Here's a list of what Chao like which Seeds (Some of these seeds aren't available in the GCN). Dark Seeds: Creepy Seed, Rough Seed, Forbiidden Seed, Strong Seed, Power Seed Neutral Seeds: Power Seed, Tall Seed, Vitality Seed, Tasty Seed, Forbidden Seed, Rare Seed, Rough Seed, Strong Seed. Hero Seeds: Tall Seed, Vitality Seed, Tasty Seed, Rare Seed, Wonder Seed, Strong Seed, Power Seed. Once planted, the seed trees will last for a little while and then die out. You can make trees last a little longer by putting a chao with a Watering Can next to the tree and it will start watering it. If you keep petting it while it does this, it'll get the idea and water the tree a lot. You can plant up to 6 seed trees in one garden at the same time. Fruits Note: The fruits I'm referring to in this section are NOT fruits from Seed Trees. They are the Fruits obtained in the Chao Adventure 2 mini-game (DC), or the Black Market (GCN). Fruits can cause a wide variety of effects in your Chao, from inducing a "mating season" to improving their abilities. These fruit are invaluable to raising your Chao. All fruits from seeds increase stamina by 1. Here's a quick list of known fruits and effects (Some of these fruits aren't available in the GCN version. The amount of rings listed in this means the price to purchase from Black Market). Peace Fruit: Calms your Chao Trianle Fruit (80 Rings): Triangular fruit Square Fruit (80 Rings): Square shaped fruit Round Fruit (80 Rings): Round shaped fruit Wonder Fruit: ??? Chao Fruit (200 Rings): Raises Skills Heart Fruit (300 Rings): Induces Mating Hero Fruit (120 Rings): Hero-liked fruit Dark Fruit (120 Rings): Dark-liked fruit Smart Fruit: Increases Intelligence Energy Fruit: Increases Stamina temporarily Fruit are very important to raising your Chao, especially the Smart Fruit (DC). Fruits can be found in treasure chests and given to your Chao by game characters in Chao Adventure 2 (DC), or they're bought from the Black Market using rings collected from the game (GCN).